About Us


The mission of the Margaret Fuller House is to strengthen and empower youth, families, and community residents. We work to address the economic, social and political inequities that shape the lives and futures of Area IV residents.

Located in Area IV, one of the most diverse and densely populated communities in Cambridge, the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House (MFNH) is a catalyst for concrete and enduring change.We focus on building relationships and connecting people with opportunities that will strengthen our community, eliminate violence from our streets, and gain access to basic human service and educational needs. The MFNH has evolved to address the changing needs of the Area IV community and today provides needed support and services to over 4,000 constituents—many of the most vulnerable residents of Cambridge


History: The Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House was founded in 1902 as a settlement House providing information and services to help immigrants assimilate into American culture. For over a century, the organization has maintained a grassroots approach to services on a limited budget. Today we provide programs for all ages—from infants to elders. We have a busy food pantry, an out of school time program for children, summer camp, outreach to young adults at risk, heath related programs for seniors and men of color, community organizing, and an open computer center and free technology classes. We host community-wide events, financial, exercise, poetry writing, drumming and other classes and welcome the Area IV community to meetings and local gatherings.

Our Facility: Margaret Fuller’s father, Timothy Fuller, built our National Historical Landmark House, in 1807 in Cambridgeport, MA. The three-story, wooden, Federalist style home is located at 71 Cherry St. and was Margaret Fuller’s home from birth until age 16. In the spirit of Margaret Fuller, the MFNH continues as the soul of the community and brings neighbors together for conversations to share experiences and address crucial issues of Area IV.